Manibright Manicure

Professional 4-step manicure products

A professional manicure leaves you with smooth hands, perfect nails and with a large smile on your face. We offer a product that is used by professionals, which allows you to give your hands the treatment they deserve.

Manibright 4-Step Manicure is a manicure kit which is packed with all the essentials needed to give your hands the pampering they deserve. The kit comes with four components – the Soak, Scrub, Masque and Lotion sachets, each designed to soothe and relax your hands.  The four sachets guide you through the entire process of the manicure – buffing, shaping and filing your nails and cleaning your hands to leave them smooth, healthy, and perfect.

Manibright 4-Step Manicure is preferred by professional beauticians to give your hands the perfect treatment they deserve either at a salon, or at home.

Manibright Rose Manicure